Household Waste Recycling Centres (Tidy tips)

Tidy tip redevelopment

Leighton Buzzard Household Waste Recycling Centre is open again following work to completely redevelop the site. This was our third tidy tip that has undergone a complete redevelopment over the last twelve months. All three sites now provide modern, two level facilities delivering:

  • new layouts, making it easier, quicker and more convenient to use, increasing safety and minimising congestion
  • an opportunity to recycle a greater range of materials
  • the removal of all stairs, providing easier and safer access to the containers
  • enhanced signage and improved lighting, fencing and security (CCTV)

We want to ensure that the tidy tips are easy to use and equipped to meet future needs as demands increase due to a growing population. We have already noticed improved customer flow and reduced queuing due to the changes we’ve made.

Dunstable Household Waste Recycling Centre

Work is underway to transform Dunstable’s Thorn Turn – the area between the A5 just south of Chalk Hill and Thorn Road that runs from the A5 to the A5120 – into a new multi-use site that will include a new household waste recycling centre (tidy tip) and highways depot.

The new facility will replace the Frenchs Avenue recycling centre and Brewers Hill depot. It is hoped that the move will also help to reduce town traffic, as well as making the tidy tip easier to get to. Thorn Turn is expected to open to the public in the summer, and will have the same features as all the other new redeveloped recycling centres.

Watch a video to see the facilities available at one of our redeveloped sites.

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