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Report a missed bin collection

Garden waste collections suspension

Please note the kerbside collection of household garden waste will be suspended across Central Bedfordshire during the winter months from Monday, 10 December 2018 until Friday, 1 March 2019 inclusive.Find out more information about garden waste collections

You can only make a report on the next working day

Before reporting a missed bin collection:

  • check you put the correct bin out on the correct day
  • only make a report the following working day after your scheduled collection
  • leave your bin / bag out at its normal collection place whilst we investigate why it has been missed
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You need to report a missed bin collection within two working days (working days are Monday to Friday).

If you miss your collection day, you can dispose of household waste at one of our tidy tips.

Your bin may not have been collected because:

  • you left the wrong bin out - check your collection day as we can only collect the bins / bags scheduled for collection
  • your bins weren't left out by 7am
  • adverse weather
  • unforeseen circumstances e.g. road closures - if this happens, we will collect your bin as soon as possible so please leave it out
  • recycling bins contained non-recyclable items - ensure all your recycling is clean, dry, has no food remains and is squashed before placing loose in your bin
  • it was too heavy, causing a hazard to the crew or there was a risk of spillage - wheelie bins have a weight limit of 85kg (south of region only (PDF 2.3MB) ) - bins which are considered too heavy for safe handling and emptying will not be emptied (even if they weigh less than 85kg)

What if my recycling bin has a red ‘sorry’ tag on it?

If the wrong materials are found in your recycling bin (such as black bagged waste, food waste or reusable textiles etc.) it will not be collected. A red ‘sorry’ tag will be placed on the recycling bin explaining what the incorrect items are. If this happens, please remove all unacceptable items which are listed on the tag and put your bin out on your next scheduled collection day. We will not return to empty your bin before this time.

Garden waste bins and sacks

Garden waste bins and sacks must contain only garden waste. For a reminder of what is accepted in your garden waste collection, view our what goes in my bins page. Garen waste bags must not exceed 10kg (north of region only (PDF 2.3MB) ).

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