Bins and waste collections

Report a missed bin collection

Please do not report a missed collection until after 4:30pm.

If your bin or bag has not been collected you can either report it on the day of collection after 4:30pm (Monday to Thursday) and after 3:30pm (Friday) or within 48 hours by calling 0300 300 8302 or by emailing

If you miss your collection day, you can dispose of household waste at one of our tidy tips.

Possible reasons your bin may have been missed are as follows:

  • wrong bin - we can only collect the bins / bags scheduled for collection. Check your waste collection day for more details
  • your containers weren’t presented at 7am
  • adverse weather conditions - find out how we deal with bin collections in adverse weather
  • unforeseen circumstances such as road closures, cars blocking the road etc. In these instances, we will collect your bin as soon as possible so please leave it out.
  • the recycling bins contained non-recyclable items. Please ensure all your recycling is clean, dry, has no food remains and is squashed before placing loose in your bin

What if my recycling bin has a red ‘Sorry’ tag on it?

If the wrong materials are found in your recycling bin (such as black bagged waste, food waste or reusable textiles etc.) it will not be collected. A red ‘Sorry’ tag will be placed on the recycling bin explaining what the incorrect items are.

If this happens, please remove all unacceptable items which are listed on the tag and put your bin out on your next scheduled collection day. We will not return to empty your bin before this time.

Garden waste bins and sacks

Garden waste bins and sacks must contain only garden waste. For a reminder of what is accepted in your garden waste collection, view our What goes in my bins page.

Please note the following weight limits and remember not to exceed them:

Part emptied / overloaded bins

We will not empty a bin if it's overloaded; that is, if it is too heavy, causing a hazard to the crew or if there is a risk of spillage. Overloading and frozen contents can also result in a bin being part-emptied.

We will return to collect these on the next scheduled collection providing you have removed the load or blockage. If you have large items you might want to arrange a bulky waste collection.


You can help out waste collection crews by ensuring that you do not park in a way which obstructs access.

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