Woodside Link road

About the Woodside Link road scheme


The Woodside Link will connect Houghton Regis and the industrial estates in Dunstable to a new M1 junction 11a.

The A5 through Dunstable will be ‘detrunked’ to take heavy goods vehicles away from Houghton Regis and Dunstable, reducing congestion and improving air quality.

It will provide access to a new development area (link opens in new window) north of Houghton Regis, where 5,600 new homes are to be built and 30 hectares of employment land developed by 2031.

It is part of the Dunstable Town Centre Masterplan, which includes the Highways Agency’s A5-M1 Link (North Dunstable Bypass) (link opens in new window) and The Busway (link opens in new window). It is 2.9km long (1.8 miles).

It will mostly be a wide 40mph single carriageway, consisting of two 5m lanes, 1m ‘hard strips’ to the left of the carriageways and a footway/cycleway.

A short section of 70mph dual carriageway at the northern end will connect with a new M1 motorway junction 11a, and another short section of dual carriageway will connect with Sundon Road.

A5-M1 Link

The A5-M1 Link (Dunstable Northern Bypass) (link opens in new window) will be a dual carriageway connecting the M1 at a new junction 11a north of Luton, to the A5 at Thorn Turn north of Dunstable.

It will run between the A5 (at Thorn Turn, just north of its existing junction with the A505) and the M1 at a new Junction 11A (to the south of the existing Toddington Motorway Services Area).

The A5-M1 Link will increase accessibility between Milton Keynes and M1 Junction 9, making journey times shorter and more reliable for vehicles travelling a long distance.

It will reduce congestion on the A5 and take traffic away from local roads in Dunstable and Houghton Regis.

It is being constructed by Highways England.

Cost and funding

The Secretary of State for Transport approved the Woodside Link by granting a Development Consent Order (link opens in new window) on 30 September 2014.

It is expected to cost around £38.3m (link opens in new window).

Central Bedfordshire Council has secured a £20m funding contribution from SEMLEP’s Local Growth Deal (link opens in new window), as well as £5m from the Government's Local Pinch Point Fund (link opens in new window), and £1m in developer contributions (link opens in new window)

Project management

We will oversee the work carried out by contractors and project partners to ensure construction of the Woodside Link meets standards (as detailed in the Requirements of the Development Consent Order – for full details visit our Planning Documents web page and enter the code CB/14/04122/DCO).

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