Roadworks, road closures and temporary closure

Fairfield Park roadworks statement - 5 December

We are aware of recent frustrations and severe congestion caused by traffic management on Hitchin Road, Stotfold and the Fairfield Park area.

There is a large development taking place with the need for an installation of approximately 900m of foul rising main sewers to serve the new properties. The installation is from the development across the Fairfield Park roundabout and down Hitchin Road into Hertfordshire to the Anglian Water sewer station. The installation is between 1.7 and 3m deep for the length and the construction of the carriageway and existing utility apparatus has made progress very slow.

There have been traffic lights in place on and off for several months for junction works, electricity installation and associated service works and most recently for the rising main installation.

Priority of the traffic lights has been to try and keep the A507 clear of traffic which is proving virtually impossible due to the volume of traffic. The lights are currently being manually controlled during peak times with the maximum allowable green time available for those travelling from the A507, which is 2 minutes. As a result of this long green time we have experienced large queues coming from Hertfordshire direction and significant queuing within the Fairfield Park estate. As the priority has been on the main road traffic the green for vehicles leaving Fairfield Park has been minimal.

For your information these four way traffic lights will be in operation until 21 December at the latest when the contractors will have installed beyond the roundabout. This will mean that there will be two way lights in place from the roundabout in sections of approximately 50m at a time for the remaining circa 700m, starting in the New Year. This will continue until completion of the installation which is estimated as the end of March. As a result Fairfield Park residents will be able to egress from the estate towards Stotfold with little delay and the delays on the main road will be reduced by at least 50%.

We are working hard to expedite the traffic issues in the area and we will continue to do so as they progress.

Many thanks for your continued patience in this matter.

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