Roads strategies

Highways asset management

We maintain a vast network of road, over 1,400km in total, together with a large footway network. In addition to this, our highways team maintains over 220 bridges and structures, 23,000 streetlights, pedestrian crossings, drainage, traffic lights and signs along the road network. Our team also manages improvement schemes including speed limits, traffic calming measures and parking services. We also look after other public rights of way, such as footpaths and bridleways.

The asset management policy and strategy is at the heart of highways investment planning, budget setting and delivery of our highways and transportation service:

Download Highways Asset Management Policy (PDF 259.8KB)
Download Highway Asset Management Strategy (PDF 684.7KB)
Download Highways Communications Strategy (PDF 792.3KB)

Network Management Maintenance Plan

We have a statutory duty to maintain the public highway to a reasonably safe standard. In order to comply with this duty, we have developed the Central Bedfordshire Highways Maintenance Plan. This sets out how the highway will be maintained and how complaints and repairs will be dealt with.

View our Network Management Maintenance Plan (link opens in new window)

Rights of way maintenance

Public rights of way form part of the highway network. As a highway authority, we have a statutory responsibility to assert and protect the rights of the public to use the highway network, of which public paths are an important part.

Download Rights of Way Maintenance Policy (PDF 586.6KB)

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