Parking permits - residential, visitors and market traders

Residential parking permits

Residents parking zones are designed to help ensure street parking is available for residents close to their homes. You can see which streets are covered by parking zones here.

A permit will let you park where you see resident's parking signs. If there are no free parking spaces, it does not allow you to park on a double or single yellow line.

If you live in a residents parking zone and have a car or van with a height of no more than 2.28 meters, you will normally be able to get a resident's permit.

Permits are virtual. You no longer need to display a paper permit in your vehicle and you can apply online at the RingGo website.

Apply for your parking permit online >>

You must show that you live at the eligible address and that the vehicle is yours to drive. You can do this by ensuring you upload scanned or photographed copies of all documents listed below:

  • your driving licence
  • a copy of your Vehicle Registration Document (V5)
  • a photocopy of your Council Tax bill, tenancy agreement or front page of a solicitor's letter

If the vehicle is registered to another member of your household, please supply a letter from the keeper to support your application. If the vehicle is a company car and you do not have the registration document, please supply a letter from the company, stating your name and address, confirming that you are authorised to keep the vehicle there.

If you need to change the vehicle on your permit you can do so from the RingGo Help Centre (link opens in new window) by selecting 'Change vehicle(s) on session / permit'. You are limited to the amount of times you can change your vehicle.

Charges for annual resident's parking permits are as follows:

  • 1st vehicle in household: £10
  • 2nd vehicle in household: £70
  • 3rd vehicle in household: £90
  • book of 25 visitor permits: £30

We regret that once a resident permit is issued, there can be no refund.

If you are not able to arrange your permit online, please fill out and send in the relevant form:

Application for a new resident's parking permit form (PDF 39.6KB)

Renewal of resident's permit form (PDF 39.6KB)

Change of resident's vehicle form (PDF 27.9KB)

Visitor parking permit application (PDF 37KB)

If you cannot print off the forms, please call us 0300 300 8005 or email and we will send you them in the post.

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