Central Bedfordshire Council would like to hear about your experience of the support team and your Personal Advisor.

1. Have you worked with a personal advisor? (please select one option)
3. How well did your personal advisor: (please select one option per row)
  Understand your situation?          
  Help you work out your goals?          
  Help you plan to reach your goals?          
4. Were they: (please select one option per row)
  Easy to talk to?          
5. What topics did you get advice and guidance on? (please select all that apply)
6. After working with your Personal Advisor how would you rate the below? (please select one option per row)
  Your self confidence          
  The choice and options available to you          
  Control over your future          
  Knowing how to get help and support          
7. How easy or difficult was it to contact your personal advisor? (please select one option)
8. Overall, how would you rate the support provided by your Personal Adviser? (please select one option)
About You
The last few questions are about you. The information you give us will help us to make sure that we're getting the views of all members of the community. The answers will not be used to identify any individual.
12. Are you: (please select one option)
13. Do you consider yourself to be disabled? Under the Equality Act 2010 a person is considered to have a disability if he/she has a physical or mental impairment which has a sustained and long-term adverse effect on his/her ability to carry out normal day to day activities. (please select one option)
14. To which of these groups do you consider you belong? (please select one option)
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