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Post 16 pupils

If your child is between 16 and 18 and in further education or sixth form, we may be able to help with transport. Transport is provided to pupils who attend the catchment or nearest school or the nearest establishment which offers the chosen course.

The distance from home to school or college needs to be between 3 and 20 miles (measured by walking distance up to 3 miles and motorised route after 3 miles) and:

  • be from a low income family
  • have a medical need
  • be in our care
  • be enrolled on a course which we've acknowledged as being able to meet the needs of the student, as set out in their educational health care plan (EHCP)
  • be enrolled on a course that is not recognised as exceeding level 3 course content (or equivalent)
  • be over 16, but under 25, in the academic year being applied for; transport for special educational needs can be provided up to age 25 if specifically required through an educational health care planĀ 
  • live in Central Bedfordshire for the whole academic year

If your child is not in one of the categories above, no transport would be provided. For more information please view our Post 16 Transport Policy (PDF 351.7KB) .

If you are not entitled to transport through us, we would also advise you contact your education provider as colleges and schools have access to the 16-18 bursary which can help towards your transport costs. These are administered directly by schools and colleges and the amount they offer may vary depending on your circumstances.

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Please note: this form is not for concessionary travel on mainstream school buses. Find out how to apply for concessionary travel to school.

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