Apply for school transport

What if I am not entitled to free school transport?

If you are not entitled through the Council's home to school transport policy then it is parental responsibility to ensure your child arrives at school in a safe and appropriate manner.

We run a concessionary scheme where spare seats on an existing school bus can be sold once all the entitled pupils have been allocated their seats. These are sold on a first come first served basis, and once a vehicle is full, it will not be upsized to accommodate further concessions.

Concessions are sold on a termly basis and need to be applied for each term. Having a concession in one term does not automatically guarantee a pass for the following term. The current cost for a concessionary pass is currently £155 per term.

If you wish to apply for a concession then please contact the mainstream transport team on 0300 300 8167 /

Some schools provide their own transport for pupils who are not entitled to transport through the Council’s Policy, in which case contact them directly to see what provisions are available.

Alternatively you can check what public service routes are available by using the Travel Line South East (link opens in new window) website. This provides information on bus and train routes which may be of use to you.

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