Neighbourhood planning

Current neighbourhood plans

Applications to designate neighbourhood areas

The first step in the process is to designate a neighbourhood area within which the neighbourhood plan is to be prepared. On receiving an application from a town or parish council, which aligns with the parish boundary, we will approve the application. For any other areas proposed, we will consider the application.

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Neighbourhood Plans in Central Bedfordshire

The table below shows the designated neighbourhood planning areas in Central Bedfordshire and progress of the plans.

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Neighbourhood Plans in Central Bedfordshire
Neighbourhood area
Pre-submission consultation (reg 14)
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Report
Public consultation (reg 16)


Arlesey decision notice (PDF 106KB)
Download Arlesey map (PDF 3MB)

Visit Arlesey Town Council's website (link opens in new window)Download SEA report for Arlesey (PDF 254.1KB) Arlesey public consultation
Arlesey consultation notice (PDF 43.6KB)
Examiner's questions for Arlesey (PDF 441.2KB)
Download examiner's report for Arlesey (PDF 190.6KB) View Arlesey referendum
Download Arlesey "made" memo (PDF 64.7KB)

Aspley Guise

Aspley Guise decision notice (PDF 8.2KB)
Download Aspley Guise map (PDF 1.3MB)


Barton-le-Clay decision notice (PDF 106.1KB)
Download Barton-le-Clay map (PDF 1.8MB)

Caddington and Slip End

Caddington and Slip End decision notice (PDF 107.5KB)
Download Caddington and Slip End map (PDF 4MB)

Visit Caddington and Slip End consultation website (link opens in new window)Download sustainability and SEA report for Caddington and Slip End (PDF 1.7MB) Caddington and Slip End consultation
Caddington and Slip End consultation notice (PDF 163.8KB)
Public hearing notice for Caddington and Slip End (PDF 356.1KB) Hearing agenda (PDF 56KB)
Hearing discussion note (PDF 218.1KB)

Campton and Chicksands

Campton and Chicksands decision notice (PDF 188.2KB)
Download Campton and Chicksands map (PDF 1.5MB)


Clfton decision notice (PDF 192.2KB)
Download Clifton map (PDF 1.4MB)


Clophill decision notice (PDF 105.6KB)
Download Clophill map (PDF 1.5MB)

Eaton Bray

Eaton Bray decision notice (PDF 106.3KB)
Download Eaton Bray map (PDF 166.3KB)


Fairfield decision notice (PDF 106.1KB)
Download Fairfield map (PDF 1.5MB)

Visit Fairfield Parish Council's website (link opens in new window)Download SEA report for Fairfield (PDF 4MB)

Fairfield public consultation
Fairfield consultation notice (PDF 45.5KB)

Download examiner's report for Fairfield (PDF 141KB) View Fairfield referendum
Download Fairfield "made" memo (PDF 252.4KB)

Flitton and Greenfield (joint with Pulloxhill)

Flitton and Greenfield (joint with Pulloxhill) decision notice (PDF 107KB)
Download Flitton, Greenfield and Pulloxhill map (PDF 2.2MB)


Haynes decision notice (PDF 72.4KB)
Haynes map (PDF 124.4KB)


Henlow decision notice (PDF 106.1KB)
Download Henlow map (PDF 1.8MB)


Hockliffe decision notice (PDF 106.2KB)
Download Hockliffe map (PDF 1.5MB)

Visit Hockliffe Parish Council's website (link opens in new window)

Houghton Regis

Houghton Regis decision notice (PDF 74.6KB)
Download Houghton Regis map (PDF 3.1MB)

Hulcote and Salford

Hulcote and Salford decision notice (PDF 72.8KB)
Download Hulcote and Salford map (PDF 1.4MB)


Kensworth decision notice (PDF 106.5KB)
Download Kensworth map (PDF 2.4MB)

Marston Moretaine

Marston Moretaine decision notice (PDF 106KB)
Download Marston Moretaine map (PDF 3.1MB)


Maulden decision notice (PDF 106.4KB)
Download Maulden map (PDF 2.4MB)


Meppershall decision notice (PDF 192.6KB)
Download Meppershall map (PDF 1.1MB)


Moggerhanger decision notice (PDF 72.8KB)
Download Moggerhanger map (PDF 1.3MB)


Northill decision notice (PDF 105.3KB)
Download Northill map (PDF 3.2MB)

Download SEA report for Northill (PDF 748.6KB)
Download SEA map for Northill (PDF 4.1MB)


Potton decision notice (PDF 105.3KB)
Download Potton map (PDF 1.6MB)


Shefford decision notice (PDF 106.3KB)
Download Shefford map (PDF 933.3KB)


Silsoe decision notice (PDF 72.4KB)
Silsoe map (PDF 194.4KB)


Stondon decision notice (PDF 106.1KB)
Download Stondon map (PDF 507.1KB)


Studham decision notice (PDF 106.3KB)
Download Studham map (PDF 1.7MB)


Tempsford decision notice (PDF 75.2KB)
Download Tempsford map (PDF 1.6MB)


Toddington decision notice (PDF 106.1KB)
Download Toddington map (PDF 2.8MB)


Totternhoe decision notice (PDF 105.4KB)
Download Totternhoe map (PDF 2.2MB)

Wrestlingworth and Cockayne Hatley

Wrestlingworth and Cockayne Hatley decision notice (PDF 107.1KB)
Download Wrestlingworth and Cockayne Hayley map (PDF 837.2KB)

Visit Wrestlingworth and Cockayne Hatley Parish Council's website (link opens in new window)Download SEA report for Wrestlingworth and Cockayne Hatley (PDF 783.7KB) Wrestlingworth and Cockayne Hatley public consultation
Wrestlingworth and Cockayne Hatley consultation notice (PDF 43.7KB)
Download examiner’s report for Wrestlingworth and Cockayne Hatley (PDF 239.6KB) View Wrestlingworth referendum
Download Wrestlingworth "made" memo (PDF 63.8KB)
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