Make a planning application

Temporary change of use

Rights for the change of use of

  • A1 shops
  • A2 financial and professional services
  • A3 restaurants and cafes
  • A4 drinking establishments
  • A5 hot food takeaways
  • B1 businesses
  • D1 non-residential institutions or D2 assembly and leisure to a flexible use comprising A1 shops, A2 financial and professional services, A3 restaurants and cafes or B1 businesses are subject to a number of detailed restrictions.

Within Central Bedfordshire, these are:

  1. the new use or uses are only permitted for a period of two years beginning on the date on which the new use begins. On the expiry of this two year period, the site will revert to its previous lawful use unless the Council’s prior express Planning Permission has been granted for an ongoing use of this type;
  2. no more than 150 square metres of floor space within the building can be subject to a change of use;
  3. the premises must not have previously been subject to a temporary change of use to a flexible use of this type;
  4. the premises must not be within a safety hazard area or a military explosives storage area;
  5. the premises must not be a listed building or a scheduled monument; and
  6. before the new use or uses begin you must notify the Council in writing of the date on which the new use or uses will begin and what the new use will be.

Before the change of use of B1(a) offices to C3 dwellings or the change of use of agricultural land or buildings to a flexible use of more than 500 square metres you must apply to us to determine whether prior approval will be required. There is currently no fee for this type of application.

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