Make a planning application

Do you need planning permission?

When you need permission

Circumstances when you will need planning permission include:

  • carrying out building work such as a house, factory, shop, extension etc.
  • changing the use of buildings or land (such as dividing a house into flats or using land for a different purpose)
  • erecting walls, fences, or other structures
  • engineering works, including the re-grading of the landscape
  • forming a new vehicular access
  • altering a listed building
  • demolishing a dwelling house or a building within a conservation area
  • felling a tree within a conservation area or subject to a preservation order

Circumstances when you won't need planning permission

Some work is classed as permitted development. It can include the following:

  • house extensions and outbuildings
  • walls and fences up to 1 metre high by a highway and 2 metres high elsewhere

You may also need approval under a Deed of Covenant associated with your property, or under the Building Regulations or other legislation, even where Planning Permission is not required.

Check with us

As the law relating to Planning Permission is complex you should check with our Development Control Service before carrying out any development to see if Planning Permission is required.

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