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Planning permission in principle

From 1 June 2018 a new route for obtaining planning permission became available for small developments. This change is part of the Town and Country Planning (Permission in Principle) (Amendment) Order 2017.

Applications made under this legislation, which will only be for minor, non-householder developments (up to 9 dwellings or under 1000m2).

The new process has two stages: an application for permission in principle (PIP) followed by an application for technical details consent (TDC).

The permission in principle stage establishes whether a site is suitable, in principle, for residential development (i.e. development in which the residential use occupies the majority of the floorspace). Considerations are limited to matters regarding the location, the land use and the amount of development and a decision must be made in accordance with the development plan. Applications for permission in principle (PIP) will only need to be accompanied by a site location plan and a description of the proposed development (along with the appropriate fee).

As the local planning authority, we will be given 5 weeks to consider such permission in principle applications and consultation with relevant parties will only be for a period of 14 days. If a decision is not made within 5 weeks of receipt of a valid application, and no extension of time has been agreed, the applicant may appeal to the Secretary of State for non-determination.

If a development is successful in gaining permission in principle planning consent, the developer will then need to make an application for technical details consent. This includes detailed design considerations.

Read more about the legislation on the government's website (link opens in new window)

Please read our planning fees for details on the cost of making a permission in principle application and for information on how to pay online (please include your online payment reference number when submitting an application to us).

Download the application form for permission in principle (link opens in new window) from the Planning Portal. Please submit completed forms, along with your online payment reference and site location plan, to

Please note: Applications for technical details consent based on a granted permission in principle should be submitted as a full planning permission with details of the related permission in principle provided in the description. These applications can be made through the Planning Portal (link opens in new window).

Permission in principle applications can be found on our public planning register (link opens in new window).

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