Make a planning application

Pre-application advice for householders

The pre-application advice service for householders provides help before you submit an application on extensions, alterations, outbuildings and change of use.

Pre-application advice can:

  • indicate how an application will be judged – avoiding the costs of making an application that will be unacceptable
  • identify need for specialist input on trees, landscape, traffic, etc
  • help you to submit a complete and accurate application for Planning Permission which acknowledges the relevant policies, plans and guidance

We will provide you with a written response enquiry within 4 weeks of validation.

The pre-application advice will be taken into account but it cannot guarantee that Planning Permission will be granted. Where it is not sought or adhered to planning applications are likely to be determined without negotiation.

The fee for pre-application advice for householders is £84 (£70.00 + VAT at standard rate of 20%).

There are some instances where this fee will not be charged:

  • listed building advice
  • tree preservation advice
  • requests for information e.g. copies of documents that are not available on our website
  • enforcement or advice for a local resident affected by development
  • improved access, safety or comfort for a disabled person (please include a declaration giving this information with your request)
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