Make a planning application

Applying for change of use

Your application must include a completed prior notification application form.

You must provide a plan showing the site and the proposed change of use.

We may need additional information regarding the environmental impacts of the change of use and any environmental risks, and we may need to consider the transport and highways impacts, land contamination and flood risks and noise. Where appropriate you should always submit relevant supporting documentation as part of your prior notification. This may include:

  • parking and access details (parking provision), including cycle parking
  • transport assessment (including a travel plan where appropriate)
  • land contamination desk study
  • flood risk assessment
  • noise impact assessment and sound insulation details

You can submit your prior notification application by email. Alternatively, you can submit paper copies of your application to Planning Dept, Central Bedfordshire Council, Monks Walk, Chicksands, Shefford, Beds, SG17 5TQ.

Before starting work on site you should contact our Building Control Team to discuss whether you need to make an application for Building Regulations.  The team can be contacted directly on 0300 300 8635 during office opening hours or by email. 

The prior notification procedure

We are required to display a site notice at the site for a period of 21 days or serve notice on any adjoining owner or occupier and notify statutory consultees as appropriate.

The application will be considered in relation to the transport, highways and noise impacts of the development and any contamination or flood risks on the site, taking account of any representations received during the determination period and national planning policy.

The change of use is not permitted until:

  • you have received a written notice from us confirming that prior approval is not required; or
  • you have received a written notice from us granting prior approval; or

a period of 56 days has passed since your application was made valid and you have not received a written notice from us granting approval or confirming that prior approval is not needed.

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