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Council listens to residents about new bin collections

10 May 2018

Central Bedfordshire Council’s Executive committee agreed today (10 May) to change bin collections to increase recycling; provide a consistent service across the area; and deliver best value to rate payers. Current bin contracts are coming to an end in 2019, so the council has been consulting on possible options.

Following the consultation, which received over 15,000 responses, the council has listened to residents and has committed to the introduction of:

  • weekly food waste collections for everyone
  • where possible, a choice of wheelie bin or reusable bags for fortnightly garden waste collections and
  • potential kerbside glass collections for all.

The council has rejected the idea of charging for garden waste, which was the least favoured option for residents.

After listening to residents’ concerns about three-weekly black bin collections, the council is not proposing to introduce this service at this point. However, in recognition of the fact that more than a third of residents favoured this option and others were open to the possibility, the council is committed to put in place other measures to support people to recycle as much as possible, which might make three weekly collections more manageable in the longer term.

Speaking about the recommendations, Councillor Budge Wells, Deputy Executive Member for Community Services at Central Bedfordshire Council, said: “The consultation feedback has helped us set out a clear strategy for the future.

“Nearly everyone (94%) said it’s important to help people recycle as much as possible. The majority of residents were supportive of food waste collections and we will be introducing these when the new contract is in place next year. This may then be followed by separate glass collection from the kerbside.

“We also consulted on two other options; charging for garden waste collection and moving to three-weekly black bin collection. Charging for garden waste collection was the least popular option, so we are not introducing this. Instead we’ll be continuing to provide a free fortnightly collection as we do now. Residents’ feedback showed they wanted a choice of container for their garden waste though, so we will be offering the option of a wheelie bin or two reusable bags for garden waste across the whole area.

“In terms of three-weekly black bin collections, we know that residents had some concerns about how they would manage. We’ve listened to this and will work with residents to help them recycle as much as possible to reduce the amount of waste going into residents’ black bins. That could mean that a move to three-weekly collections in the future but there are no proposals to make any changes to black bin collections at this point.”

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