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Give your views on Southill Lower School changing its age range

7 February 2018

Residents will be asked to give their views on Southill Lower School extending its age range.

That’s after our Executive, on 6 February, approved a consultation into the village school extending its age range from 4-9 to 2-9.

The consultation will begin this Thursday (8 February) and will run until Thursday, 15 March.

The school’s bid to change its age range has been prompted by the closure of the village pre-school, which ran in the village hall for many years.

If responses to the consultation are favourable then the final decision will be made by Executive Member for Families, Education and Children Councillor Steven Dixon; if not then it will be by all members of the council’s Executive.

Councillor Dixon said: "I would encourage anyone affected by this proposed change of age range to have their say. Your views are very important, and we listen carefully to what residents are saying before making a final decision."

Paper copies of the consultation will also be available from the school.

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