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Summer Reading Challenge 2018

Mischief Makers - Summer Reading Challenge 2018

Key dates: 21 July to 8 September 2018

What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

The Summer Reading Challenge is a popular and successful reading initiative and this year’s theme is Mischief Makers.

The challenge is delivered by libraries but is created by the Reading Agency (link opens in new window), an independent charity working to inspire more people to read, and to read more. It's supported by children's publishers.

How does the challenge work?

Mischief Makers starts in Central Bedfordshire libraries (link opens in new window) on Saturday 21 July and finishes on Saturday 8 September 2018. It is free and for everyone!

Sign up for a Mischief Makers stamp card - then choose your books and take them home to read.
There are 6 sticker sheets to collect, one for each of the first six books you read; one of them is scratch and sniff and another has a special code which unlocks a secret area of the Mischief Makers website (link opens in new window).

  • on your first visit for your first two books you will get two stickers and some funky Mischief Maker colour in glasses
  • the next time you visit and have read four books you will receive the Mischief Makers wristband - red and black just like Dennis' jumper
  • then finally, on your third visit when you have read six books, you will get your final two stickers and be awarded your Mischief Maker Certificate

If you complete the challenge and read 6 books, you can visit your local library on Saturday 15 September to collect your medal and lanyard.
Don't stop there, though! Keep reading, as there is no better way to spend your time; and every stamp card you complete goes into your library prize draw for a fabulous prize.

Become a volunteer Reading Hack, if you're aged 13 to 24 and are interested in inspiring young people to read.

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