Applications awaiting determination

Applications awaiting determination

Battlesden application (PDF 2.1MB) . To add Public Footpaths to the east of Watergate Farm.

Cranfield Broughton Grounds application (PDF 19.2KB) and map (PDF 5.2MB) . To add a Public Bridleway at Broughton Grounds.

Clophill Old Kiln Lane application (PDF 16.2KB) and map (PDF 5.2MB) . To add 3 sections of Restricted Byway.

Cockayne Hatley application (PDF 1.7MB) . To add Public Footpath north of Village Road.

Everton application (PDF 1.8MB) . To add Public Footpath over Green Lane.

Heath and Reach application (PDF 1.1MB) . To add Public Footpath at Rushmere Estate. 

Henlow application (PDF 15.7KB) and plan (PDF 164.7KB) . To add a Public Footpaths adjacent to Henlow Village Hall.

Hyde application (PDF 71.1KB)  and delegated powers report (PDF 3.6MB) . To upgrade Public Footpath 14 to Byway Open to All Traffic. DETERMINED (as RB status plus additional FP and BW links)

Leighton Buzzard application (PDF 215.7KB) . For Public Bridleway, Mentmore Gardens Old Railway.

Leighton Buzzard application (PDF 1.7MB) . For Public Footpath between Garden Leys and Stanbridge Road.
Leighton Buzzard application (PDF 215.5KB) . For public Footpath between Woodman Close and South Street.

Shillington application (PDF 1.3MB) No. 13. To delete part of Public Footpath 13.

Shillington application (PDF 1.5MB) . To add Public Footpath which crosses Water Close / Donkey Meadow.

Toddington application (PDF 548.5KB) map (PDF 375.8KB) and delegated powers report (PDF 1.2MB) - to add Public Footpath between Lakefield Avenue and Workhouse Lane. DETERMINED (approved)

Westoning application (PDF 1.9MB) . Public Footpath 17 to a Public Bridleway.

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