Definitive map - modifications

Applications awaiting determination

Battlesden application (PDF 2.1MB) . To add Public Footpaths to the east of Watergate Farm.

Cranfield Broughton Grounds application (PDF 19.2KB) and map (PDF 5.2MB) . To add a Public Bridleway at Broughton Grounds.

Clophill Old Kiln Lane application (PDF 16.2KB) and map (PDF 5.2MB) . To add 3 sections of Restricted Byway.

Cockayne Hatley application (PDF 1.7MB) . To add Public Footpath north of Village Road.

Fairfield Kingsley Avenue application (PDF 242KB) . To add a BOAT along Kingsley Avenue.

Heath and Reach application (PDF 1.1MB) . To add Public Footpath at Rushmere Estate. 

Henlow application (PDF 15.7KB) and plan (PDF 164.7KB) . To add a Public Footpaths adjacent to Henlow Village Hall.

Hyde application (PDF 71.1KB)  and delegated powers report (PDF 3.6MB) . To upgrade Public Footpath 14 to Byway Open to All Traffic. DETERMINED (as RB status plus additional FP and BW links)

Leighton Buzzard application (PDF 1.7MB) For Public Bridleway, Mentmore Gardens Old Railway.

Leighton Buzzard application (PDF 215.7KB)  For Public Footpath between Garden Leys and Stanbridge Road.

Leighton Buzzard application (PDF 215.5KB) . For public Footpath between Woodman Close and South Street.

Tingrith application 51 (PDF 2.3MB) . For public Footpath between High Street and St Nicholas' Church

Shillington application (PDF 1.3MB) No. 13. To delete part of Public Footpath 13.

Shillington application (PDF 1.5MB) . To add Public Footpath which crosses Water Close / Donkey Meadow.

Westoning application (PDF 1.9MB) . Public Footpath 17 to a Public Bridleway.

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