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Public path orders confirmed

This section shows orders that have either been confirmed or come into operation in the last 3 years. Older orders can be viewed at the Bedford and Luton Archives in Bedford.

Highways Act

Aspley Heath Footpath no. 9 - Order confirmed. Came into force 22 January 2016

Extinguishment notice (PDF 11.8KB)
Plan (PDF 1.8MB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 11.2KB)

Biggleswade Public Footpath No 24. Order made 5 October 2018 and confirmed 30 November 2018. Awaiting certification.
Diversion notice (PDF 3.3KB)
Map (PDF 520.5KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 11.7KB)

Biggleswade footpath no. 39; footpath nos. 62 and 64; bridleway no. 69. Orders came into force 5 August 2016.

Confirmation notice (footpath no. 39) (PDF 11.9KB)
Confirmation notice (footpath nos. 62 and 64) (PDF 11.4KB)
Confirmation notice (bridleway no. 69) (PDF 11.4KB)
Diversion notice (footpath no. 39) (PDF 12.3KB)
Extinguishment notice (footpath nos. 62 and 64) (PDF 13KB)
Creation notice (bridleway no. 69) (PDF 12.9KB)
Map (PDF 5.3MB)

Gravenhurst Public Footpath 4. Order confirmed 6 July 2018, comes into force 13 July 2018.

Diversion notice (PDF 209.5KB)
Map (PDF 1000.1KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 11.9KB)

Gravenhurst Public Footpath 14. Order confirmed 6 July 2018, comes into force 13 July 2018.

Creation notice (PDF 208.2KB)
Map (PDF 1000.1KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 11.2KB)

Harlington Public Footpath No. 4. Order confirmed, awaiting certification.

Diversion notice (PDF 12.2KB)
Plan (PDF 2.2MB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 12.9KB)

Haynes Public Footpath 4. Order made 8 December 2017. Confirmed and comes into force 26 January 2018

Extinguishment notice (PDF 11.8KB)
Map (PDF 143.3KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 11.3KB)

Haynes Public Bridleway 19. Order made 13 April 2018, confirmed 30 November and comes into force 28 December 2018.
Diversion notice (PDF 209.3KB) (PDF 209.3KB)
Map (PDF 186.3KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 11.8KB)

Haynes Public Footpath 22. Order made 13 April 2018, confirmed and comes into force 30 November 2018.
Extinguishment notice (PDF 208.2KB)
Map (PDF 186.3KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 11.3KB)

Henlow Public Footpath No 8. Order confirmed 11 November 2016, awaiting certification
Diversion notice (PDF 11.7KB)
Map (PDF 1.1MB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 11.4KB)

Henlow Public Footpath 18. Order confirmed, comes into force 26 May 2017

Creation notice (PDF 11.9KB)
Creation confirmation notice (PDF 11.4KB)
Diversion notice (PDF 11.8KB)
Diversion confirmation notice (PDF 11.4KB)
Map (PDF 258.2KB)

Houghton Conquest Public Footpath No. 8. Order confirmed 6 March 2015, awaiting certification.

Diversion notice (PDF 12.8KB)
Plan (PDF 824.4KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 12.4KB)

Houghton Regis Bridleway No 49 & Footpath No 57. Orders made 2 December 2016 confirmed 30 November 2018 and certified and came into force 3 December 2018.
Bridleway No 49 diversion notice (PDF 19.5KB)
Footpath No 57 creation notice (PDF 11.6KB)
Map (PDF 3.4MB)
Bridleway No 49 confirmation notice (PDF 12KB)
Footpath No 57 confirmation notice (PDF 11.4KB)

Houghton Regis Public Footpath No. 53. Order confirmed, awaiting certification.

Diversion notice (PDF 9.3KB)
Plan (PDF 1MB)    
Confirmation notice (PDF 8.6KB)

Kensworth Public Footpath No. 7. Order certified and came into force 12 July 2016.

Diversion notice (PDF 151.7KB)    
Map (PDF 1.5MB)     
Confirmation notice (PDF 64KB)

Silsoe Public Footpath 17. Order confirmed, awaiting certification

Diversion notice (PDF 32.7KB)
Map (PDF 894.4KB)

Stotfold Footpath No. 7. Order confirmed and came into force 8 July 2016.

Creation confirmation notice (PDF 11.1KB)
Diversion confirmation notice (PDF 11.2KB)
Creation notice (PDF 11.5KB)
Diversion notice (PDF 11.7KB)
Plan (PDF 2.1MB)

Sutton Public Bridleway No 9. Order confirmed and came into force 26 May 2017
Diversion notice (PDF 25.2KB)
Map (PDF 1.9MB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 11.7KB)

Toddington Footpath No. A62. Order confirmed, comes into force 10 June 2016.

Extinguishment notice (PDF 12.9KB)
Plan (PDF 2.7MB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 12.4KB)

(PDF 2.1MB)

Town and Country Planning Act

Cranfield Public Footpath Nos 20 and 22 Order confirmed 21 September 2018, awaiting certification.
Diversion notice (PDF 11.5KB)
Map (PDF 556.3KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 10.4KB)

Cranfield Public Footpath No 23 Order certified and came into force 14 September 2018.
Diversion notice (PDF 9.8KB)
Map (PDF 162.9KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 8.7KB)

Cranfield Public Footpath Nos 35 and 41 Order confirmed and came into force 21 September 2018.
Stopping up notice (PDF 9.7KB)
Map (PDF 8.4KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 8.4KB)

Houghton Regis Footpath Nos 10, 17 and 45. Order confirmed, certified and came into force 8 June 2016

Diversion and Stopping up notice (PDF 16.1KB)      
Map (PDF 715.5KB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 13.9KB)

Stotfold Footpath No 6. Order confirmed 23 September 2016, awaiting certification.

Diversion notice (PDF 13.1KB)
Map (PDF 1.6MB)
Confirmation notice (PDF 11.6KB)

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