Definitive map

Biggleswade excluded area consultation

Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981: creating a definitive map for the formerly excluded area of central Biggleswade

For the last 60 years the centre of Biggleswade has been excluded from the Council’s Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way because of its fully developed urban nature. This means we do not have a legal record of those paths and alleys that members of the public have a right to use as public footpaths or bridleways.

We have now mapped those paths that we think have been walked or cycled within the area shown by the pink shading on the map (PDF 2.6MB) and have identified 37 routes within this area which we consider to either be public footpaths or bridleways. These are generally urban alleyways, and are shown by the pink and green dotted lines on the map.

We have written to a large number of residents as we believe that they either own, lease, or live in property adjacent to one of these routes which we consider could be a public footpath or bridleway and held a number of drop-in clinics. We have considered the responses we received and are now in the process of determining if, how, and when to make the relevant legal orders, called definitive map modification orders, to legally record these routes.

Notices of the orders will be posted on each route and advertised in the local paper in probably April or May. There will then follow a 5 to 6 week objection period. If no objections are received, the modification orders we have made will be confirmed, and a new Definitive Map for the centre of Biggleswade created. However, if objections are made and not withdrawn, the Council will have to forward the orders to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs who will determine whether they should be confirmed or not.

If you do have any evidence of public use of these routes, or wish to comment on the proposal or ask questions, please contact the Definitive Map Officer ( or 0300 300 6530). You can also complete and return a user evidence form (PDF 185.6KB) to the same email address or post direct to the Rights of Way Team, Central Bedfordshire Council, Priory House, Monks Walk, Chicksands, Shefford, SG17 5TQ.

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