Pay and Benefits

Pay and Benefits

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Staff are employed on nationally agreed terms & conditions but with some local variations to pay.

Social work qualifications and skills are in particular demand and we recognise the need to pay competitive salaries, particularly in front-line teams where the demand is greatest.

Pay varies between services and will be detailed in individual job adverts, but the ranges are below:

Social Worker Level 1: £26,000 to £33,000

Social Worker Level 2: £34,000 to £39,000

Senior Practioner: £36,000 to £43,000

Social Work Consultant: £40,000 to £44,000

Team Manager: £44,000 to £56,000


We have a strong commitment to staff health & wellbeing with access to a range of programmes encouraging exercise and healthy living as well as access to a free Employee Assistance Programme. We monitor caseloads and work life balance in monthly supervision.


The local Government Pension Scheme is a final salary scheme offering guaranteed benefits on retirement.


Central Bedfordshire is an authority with no cities. There are towns and villages spread across an attractive predominately rural landscape. We pay 45p per mile for business mileage (the highest level permitted by HMRC) with additional financial support for those travelling over 3,000 miles on business per year.

Relocation support

We can offer financial support to new staff who are moving into the area to take up a job and engaged in selling and buying property.

You can also view information about other benefits (link opens in new window) of working for the council.
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