Paying your rent

Paying your rent

Direct debit

We recommend setting up a Direct Debit to pay your rent.

Call us on 0300 300 5186 or 0300 300 5545 with your bank details.

We collect 4 weeks rent on any date from 1st to 28th of each month and you still have the benefit of your 'No rent due' weeks.

We also collect weekly Direct Debits, every Monday.

Other options


You can pay online (link opens in new window) using our secure payments service.

Allpay phone app

You can now pay your rent using our new Allpay phone app. The app allows you to pay your rent anytime, anywhere and securely stores Payment Reference Numbers, bank details and payment amounts.

Download (link opens in new window) Allpay for Android phones.

Download (link opens in new window) Allpay for Apple phones.

For more info (link opens in new window) on the Allpay payment app.

Allpay card

An allpay card lets you pay Post Offices using cash, debit card or cheque or at PayPoints using cash. There is no charge for the service.

Phone payment

You can pay using a debit card (Switch, Solo or Delta) or credit card (not American Express). Call 0300 300 8630 and select option 3. Credit card payments incur a surcharge of 1.8%. There is no surcharge for debit cards.

Rent payment dates

To check the payment dates please take a look at the calendar card (PDF 15.3KB) .

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