Temporary accommodation

What is temporary accommodation?

We have a duty to provide ‘temporary accommodation’ if we:

  • are satisfied that you are eligible
  • have reason to believe you are homeless and in priority need

We don’t have many empty properties, but homeless people that we have a duty to provide housing to, will be offered one of the following:

  • nightly let – accommodation where you will be provided with one-room, breakfast, may or may not be included. Usually they have shared bathrooms and toilets
  • Hostel – we use hostels for temporary accommodation
  • Temporary accommodation within social housing stock

Please be advised, that although we endeavour to provide temporary accommodation within the boundaries of Central Bedfordshire Council, this is not always possible. Temporary accommodation is occasionally arranged out of the district.

What happens to me if I am housed in temporary accommodation?

All homeless households have to pay for their accommodation. The charges vary according to the type and size of the accommodation. You can apply for housing benefit, if eligible. Housing Benefit will not cover the 'service charge' in hostel type accommodation.

You will remain in temporary accommodation until investigations are complete, and you have been notified of our decision.

If it is decided that you are homeless and meet all the criteria, then you will remain in temporary accommodation until a more permanent offer of accommodation is made.

What happens to my furniture or pets?

If we have accepted a duty to house you, we may also have a duty to protect your belongings if they are at risk of being damaged or lost. It is important to note that this is not a free service. You will be recharged for the cost.

Currently we do not have any Temporary Accommodation providers that will allow pets in their rooms. Therefore it would be down to you as the pet owner to arrange a rehoming service for your pets.

What happens to me when a permanent offer of accommodation is made?

When a permanent offer is made to you, you will need to vacate your temporary accommodation, on the date given.

If you refuse an offer of accommodation which is suitable for the needs of you and your household, then by law, we do not have to offer you any other accommodation. You will need to vacate your temporary accommodation and make your own arrangements for rehousing.

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