Getting care and support

How much you'll have to pay

Social care is chargeable. There will be some exclusions. Following on from your needs assessment, which works out what support you need and how much it will cost to provide, we will complete a financial assessment to work out how much of that cost we will pay, and how much you’ll need to pay yourself.

Calculating how much you might have to pay will depend on the services you need. Full information can be found in our paying for care - non-residential care services leaflet (PDF 690.6KB) .

Receiving non-residential care services like home care

If you are going to receive non-residential care services (sometimes called community services) such as:

  • home care
  • day opportunities
  • shared lives schemes
  • and housing support services

We will calculate your contribution using the following.

If you have £23,250 in savings (not including the value of the property you live in) you need to pay the full cost of care.

If you are part of a couple and your savings are in joint names, we would normally assess you as having a 50% share in those savings.

If you have less than the £23,250 in savings, the amount we will assess you to pay towards the cost of your care takes account of your weekly income and a ‘tariff charge’ on any capital you may have above £14,250.

We add the following together:

  • your total weekly income
  • a weekly ‘tariff income’ charge of £1 for each £250 (or part of) on capital and savings between the £14,250 and £23,250

We then take away allowances for the following:

  • protected income - this is the basic amount of Pension Credit or Income Support plus 25%.
  • property-related household expenses, such as rent, mortgage and Council Tax
  • disability-related expenditure

You may incur these costs because of your age, disability or medical condition.

We will ask you for proof of your expenditure.

Examples could include:

  • extra laundry
  • incontinence aids
  • garden maintenance
  • transport
  • extra heating costs
  • and specialist equipment

The final figure will be your ‘disposable’ income. This is your assessed contribution towards the cost of your care. The amount we ask you to contribute will never be more than the full cost of your service.

If you're married

If you are married or living with someone as a couple, we will only assess your financial resources. However, there are times, when one person is receiving a benefit on behalf of both members of the couple and we will need to ask for the details.

If both of you are to receive care, we will assess your finances individually to work out how much you will have to contribute towards the cost of your own care.

In some circumstances, it is beneficial to ask to be financially assessed as a couple.

What if I do not agree with the amount I have to pay?

If you feel that the figures we have used are incorrect, or you have forgotten to tell us something, please let us know straight away.

Please contact our Customer Finance Team on 0300 300 8303.

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