Lifestyle Hub

How can the Lifestyle Hub help you?

What is the Lifestyle Hub?

The Lifestyle Hub is only available to residents who are registered with a GP practice based in Chiltern Vale.

The Lifestyle Hub is a free service that offers support and guidance to help you make healthier lifestyle choices. It is a single point of contact for signposting and onward referrals to a range of lifestyle programmes that are run locally to where you live.

How can the Lifestyle Hub help you?

Our Lifestyle Advisors can help you to:

  • get more active
  • talk about healthy eating and swaps you could make
  • get motivated
  • lose a little weight
  • set goals to work towards
  • guidance to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, stroke and cancer

To make changes to your diet and physical activity levels you should be ready to make a change for yourself and not being doing it because someone else thinks you should.

Who is the Lifestyle Hub run by?

The Lifestyle Hub is run by the Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Bedford Hospital NHS Trust on behalf of Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

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