Direct payments

Your rights and responsibilities

When you choose to receive a Direct Payment you will need to:

  • sign the Direct Payment User Agreement to confirm that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of receiving a Direct Payment
  • maintain a separate bank account for Direct Payments (except in the case of Managed Bank Accounts)
  • keep and compile financial records and make these available for monitoring as required (Financial Returns – see below)
  • return any unspent Direct Payment to the council in a timely manner
  • if you employ a Personal Assistant, ensure appropriate insurance is in place and employment procedures are followed in line with Employment Law.
  • advise us if your care needs change at any stage

Financial Returns Process & Monitoring

There are two levels of financial monitoring. You will be placed on the ‘Standard’ financial monitoring at the start of your Direct Payment; however you could be moved to ‘Light Touch’ following your review.

Standard financial monitoring - you will be required to:

  • submit regular full returns
  • keep bank statements and receipts and accounting for all Direct Payments spending
  • account for all Direct Payments spending
  • co-operate with Direct Payment Review visits

Light Touch financial monitoring - you will need to keep:

  • your receipts and bank statement

With 'Light Touch' financial monitoring, you will not be required to submit full returns.

Direct Payments spending will be checked during Direct Payments Reviews.

If you fail to provide the correct financial returns your direct payment may be stopped.

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