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Learning and Development programme (2017 - 2018)

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Adult Social Care learning and development programme. The essence of the programme is to endorse a culture of learning and a growth mind-set across the adult social care workforce across Central Bedfordshire. This will promote competence and confidence within the work place and ultimately lead to greater outcomes for the individuals that make use of care services.

Courses within this programme are available to the following:

  • our adult social care staff
  • all care and support providers in Central Bedfordshire
  • individual employers
  • personal assistants
  • social care employees of South Essex Partnership Trust/East London Foundation Trust covering Central Bedfordshire
  • contracted care providers outside of Central Bedfordshire

To enable the supply of learning to be fairly allocated initially only three staff from any service will be allowed to book places. Four weeks prior to the course any remaining spaces will be made available to all on a first come first serve basis.

To further support the workforce we have continued our working partnership with Log on to Care our e-learning partner. We feel that Log on to Care represents a high quality and comprehensive e-learning solution: it works closely with several subject matter specialists, local authorities, personal assistants, individual employers, Skills for Care, the NHS and the Social Care Institute for Excellence to constantly develop new learning modules and update its existing ones, meaning that learners always have access to the most up-to-date legislation. It has a whole suite of learning specifically designed to support the delivery of the Care Certificate.

It is important to remember that to be effective, e-learning must not be used as a stand alone solution. The greatest impact from the learning is obtained if the learner is given an opportunity to discuss what they have learned with line managers or peers. The supervision process provides the perfect situation for a learner to demonstrate not only their understanding but how they can apply the knowledge they have gained during an e-learning session.

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