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How is quality evidenced?

All our providers receive an annual compliance visit by the Contracts Team from Central Bedfordshire Council. This ensures that the quality delivered to our customers meets the standards stipulated by the Care Quality Commission and the Council and we look for evidence which demonstrates the following outcomes for service users:

  • Standard 1 – Involvement and Information
  • Standard 2 – Personalised Care and Support
  • Standard 3 – Safeguarding and Safety
  • Standard 4 – Suitability of staffing
  • Standard 5 – Quality of Management

The scores are broken down into the following percentage categories. We are pleased to report that we do not have any homecare providers that fall into the 'Poor' category. View the up to date scores (PDF 293KB) .

  • Excellent (95%)
  • Good (78%)
  • Requires Improvement (65%)
  • Poor (<65%)

We also consult with all customers ahead of each compliance visit and send them a confidential questionnaire to complete with their families/relatives to ensure that customer feedback forms part of the review and overall score.

Call monitoring

As part of the contractual agreement with Providers, they also have to use a call logging system called CM2000. The Quality portal is designed to rank providers based on a group of requirements set by Central Bedfordshire Council. All Providers are expected to use this tool.

This system measures the following areas:

  • punctuality
  • length of stay
  • planned visits delivered
  • continuity of care
  • CM2000 compliance

This information is published by CM2000 each month. View the monthly performance (link opens in new window).

About the Call Monitoring process

The agreed call logging rate for Central Bedfordshire Council is 85%. This means that at least 85% of all calls must be logged in the client’s home.


Punctuality is based on the arrival time of the visit versus the planned time. The customer must state within how many minutes the actual entry time must be of the planned time.

Length of Stay

Length of Stay is based on a percentage amount of the visit the Carer must complete in order to be compliant. This will only count for under delivery of a visit and over delivery is not included.

Planned visits delivered

'Planned visits Delivered' is based on the percentage of completed visits with planned times against all planned visits (i.e. it includes missed visits). Any actual-only visits (i.e. no planned time) are excluded.

Continuity of carers

This is the numbers of carers that may visit a service user during the course of a week. This number will vary depending on the number of care calls for a given care package.


If Providers are not logging in the client’s home then points for non-compliance are deducted from overall monthly performance score. This ensures that we have greater transparency about the times carers are expected to arrive and stay for all calls.

Provider rates

As explained above, all Providers have demonstrated value for money through the tendering process. View the services and quality they offer (link opens in new window) and prices for all categories.

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