Day care for older people

Consultation on improving the day offer for older people and adults with disabilities

The consultation is closed

We want to improve the day services available to older people and adults with disabilities.

We formally consulted on our new day offer. The consultation was open for three months from 24 October 2016 and gave you the opportunity to:

  • look at what is being proposed and to
  • give us your comments and ideas

The consultation had two parts:

We wanted to hear from as many people as possible, whether they use day services within Central Bedfordshire, outside of the area or even if they don’t currently use a day service.

Background to the consultation

We know that when councils make announcements like this, people can get concerned that services they rely on will be reduced or withdrawn. So, we want to be clear with you what our intentions are: we want to improve our day offer.

Why are we doing it?

We want to help you achieve your goals and aspirations by offering more personalised options, based on the things you say are most valuable.

Our evidence tells us that improving our day offer will better meet our customers’ needs.

You’ve told us that you want day services which:

  • help you meet friends
  • give your carers a break
  • are integrated into the community
  • offer a more personalised and outcome-focused approach
  • are closer to home
  • are appropriate for those with dementia

You’ve told us that, with your learning disabilities, you want to:

  • meet your friends in a social setting
  • learn new skills
  • get a job
  • have access to more personalised services

For these reasons, traditional day centres have become less popular with new customers. This shows in the attendance figures:

  • older peoples’ centres are around 70 per cent occupied
  • centres for adults with learning disabilities only around 35 per cent occupied

This is despite rising numbers of older people and adults with learning disabilities in the area.

It’s obvious that you’re looking elsewhere to meet your needs for day services. We want to step up our game and help you get the services you need.

What have we done so far?

We wrote to every older person or adult with a disability who uses one of our day centres. We also wrote to their carers or families.

We invited you to:

  • talk to us about your experience in our day centres
  • what’s important to you about the services
  • the outcomes our services help achieve
  • what you want to achieve and
  • which alternative options might work for you

We asked the carers and families of people who attend a day centre similar questions.

We got well over 800 comments and ideas in response. We categorised them into the following areas:

  • what works: the activities and social elements
  • what should be included in the future: improved activities and more community access
  • what is currently valued and would be valued in the future: social opportunities, being active and respite breaks.

Download the proposed new day offer (PDF 399KB) , which we used this information to develop.

What happens next?

After the consultation

At the end of the consultation, we will work through all the feedback and information we’ve been given and update our day offer proposals before they become the our new standard.

Service review

We will then start a process to review the existing services against the new day offer and see where we can improve things. This process will start in 2017 and may take a number of years, depending on what people say they want and the timings of other developments that could provide better opportunities or facilities.

What does it mean for current customers and carers?

If customers currently receive day services nothing will change until the new offer is agreed. Even then, no specific centre will change until we have discussed individual needs and options with people who use it. We are not proposing to change the eligibility rules for day services, just the way they are delivered. If people receive day services now they will continue to do so but there may be more options to choose from that might be more suited to their needs.

Are we closing day centres?

We haven’t made any decisions about the future of any centre. As we start to conduct reviews of each centre from 2017 onwards, we will look in detail at the service it is providing and the needs of its current and future customers. We will also look at opportunities to develop more personalised services and for the day offer to become more integrated with other community facilities.

How to find out more

To find more about the project please contact us:

Telephone: 0300 300 6310

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