Day services for older people

The future day offer for older people and adults with disabilities

What is the new offer?

The new day offer is a joint vision between us and people who use services. It is made up of key components and principles (PDF 24.5KB) that will be used as building blocks of the future day service in Central Bedfordshire.

Key components

  • meet customer outcomes for social interaction, physical activity and mental stimulation
  • meet carer outcomes for respite and peace of mind
  • meet customers’ care and support needs


  • promote and maintain independence in a way which is personalised, flexible and responsive
  • promote learning in a stimulating and supportive environment
  • deliver greater partnerships with the local community
  • maximise the use of community facilities that can be accessed by older people and adults with disabilities

Mapping, pilots, consultation and potential implementation:

In October 2017 we began the process of reviewing each of the day centres against the Key Components and Principles listed above.


October 2017 – February 2021.
Please note: the timeline is subject to change.
Day centre
Start date
Ampthill Day Centre
October 2017
Biggleswade Learning Disability Centre
June 2019
Silsoe Horticultural Centre
October 2018
Townsend Centre
October 2018
Leighton Buzzard Day Centre
April 2020
Biggleswade Older People's Centre
January 2020
Houghton Regis Older People's Centre
January 2020

What does it mean for current customers and carers?

If customers currently receive day services, nothing will change until we have discussed individual needs and options with people who use it. We are not proposing to change the eligibility rules for day services, just the way they are delivered. Following a review with a dedicated project Social Worker, we expect people who receive day services now to continue to do so. There may be more options to choose from that might be more suited to their needs.

Are we closing day centres?

We began to conduct reviews of each centre in 2017. The timeline above shows the schedule for each day centre and the activity that has taken place so far. We will be looking in detail at the service each centre is providing and the needs of the current and future customers. We will also look at opportunities to develop more personalised services and for the day offer to become more integrated with other community facilities.

So far we have reviewed Ampthill Day Centre and in that process we identified alternative options for the service. We ran a formal consultation on the future of the day centre and proposed a ‘hub and spoke’ model as an alternative to Ampthill Day Centre. In December 2018 the Council’s Executive agreed to the implementation of this model and the subsequent closure of Ampthill Day Centre. Council staff will be supporting customers, relatives and staff during the transition to their new venues. You can find out more on our Ampthill Day Centre review page.

How to get involved

If you use day services or are a family member of someone who attends a day service in Central Bedfordshire and you would like an information pack which contains more details on what is happening and how to get involved, please contact us:

Telephone: 0300 300 6310

We need you!

We already run a range of activities in centres, but we want to see if there are learning opportunities or activities held locally that could add to what exists already to offer our customers more choice.

Could you offer activities to older people of adults with disabilities? If you would like to share your skills or provide an activity in one of our centres we want to hear from you!

Anything can be considered – exercise, arts and crafts, games, music or learning opportunities.  If you think you can help, please fill in our enquiry form (link opens in new window).

If you would like more information, feel free to contact the day offer project team on 0300 300 4840.

Other relevant information

Stage 1 – Developing the Day Offer for Central Bedfordshire:

In early 2016, we began the process of developing the future day offer for older people and adults with disabilities. This project has followed a 2-stage process.

Stage 1 of the project was to work with people who use our services and their carers to identify what we wanted to offer and achieve in the future. Following a 12-week public consultation we received approval of the proposed offer (made up of components and principles). We want to use these as the building blocks of the future day offer in Central Bedfordshire.

We formally consulted on our new day offer for three months from 24 October 2016. The results of the consultation were taken into account and the day offer was agreed by our Executive at its meeting on 4 April 2017.

Stage 2 of the project is detailed throughout this page.

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