Community transport

Wheelchair service

The NHS provides a countywide wheelchair service for all residents registered with a GP in Bedfordshire and Luton. The service offers:

  • wheelchair assessment and provision for manual and electric wheelchairs
  • support, advice and training throughout life for wheelchair users and their carers
  • wheelchair maintenance service through approved repairers
  • specialist seating and postural control
  • pressure relieving equipment

The wheelchair service assesses clients in clinics, in their own homes, in local and tertiary hospitals (specialist units), and in residential and nursing homes. The service prioritises referrals based on urgency of clinical need/diagnosis. Referral to the service is via professionals in health, social services and education.

Millbrook Healthcare (link opens in new window) provides the wheelchair service for the NHS.

Wheelchair hire

The Disability Resource Centre (link opens in new window) offers short term hire of wheelchairs.

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