Budget for 2018-2019

Council Tax for 2018-2019

When Central Bedfordshire Council was created, it committed to deliver value for money to local people and until spring 2016 the council hadn't increased council tax for many years.

However, the increasing demand for our services and reduced funding from central government means we are no longer able to fund everything without increasing council tax.

So, to provide the services, the council has agreed to:

  • continue to find ways to reduce spending by £13.8 million through a range of efficiency savings
  • apply the Adult Social Care precept of an increase in council tax of 3% to contribute towards funding for care services
  • increase council tax by 1.5% to contribute towards funding of other services

The application of the Adult Social Care precept (of an increase of 3%) results in a weekly increase of 82 pence in council tax for an average (Band D) household. 

This, combined with the 1.5% increase in council tax, means a total weekly increase of £1.22 for a Band D household.Till receipt

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