Budget for 2018-2019

Where we are investing

The council also has a separate programme of financial investment in capital projects, these tend to be building and infrastructure initiatives, rather than services, and include;

  • £46 million on replacing and renewing existing assets like streetlights, school buildings, roads and leisure centres
  • £20 million on projects which will reduce our spending in the long-term but need investment up front to make this possible. For example, buying our own waste vehicles
  • £11 million on capturing the benefits of growth. For example, investing in new school places, broadband and extra care schemes
  • £4 million on protecting and enhancing Central Bedfordshire. For example, improving pavements and initiatives to improve country parks and rights of way
  • £3.7 million on responding to new opportunities. This includes investing in integrated health and care hubs

You can read the detailed draft capital programme (link opens in new window) (see item 9 on the agenda) as part of the budget papers for the Executive Committee meeting on 6 February 2018.

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