Budget for 2018-2019

Budget consultation status

This consultation closed on 29 January 2018.

The budget consultation was open from 4 January - 29 January 2018. 

The status of this consultation is:

  1. public consultation (closed)
  2. analysis - current stage
  3. Executive review (due 6 February 2018)
  4. action / decision (post Executive review)
  5. publication of results (final stage)

What happens next?

The council’s Executive Committee, will consider the consultation feedback and recommend a final budget to Full Council on 22 February.

Depending on the council’s decision on its budget plan, there may be further consultation on specific proposals that will directly affect customers.

Once the budget is set, we’ll write to each household in March, explaining what has been decided and what it means for you. 

The Executive Committee and Full Council meetings are webcast so you can watch them online (link opens in new window) live or after the meeting is finished.

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