Four broad areas of need

Four broad areas of need

The following 4 areas of need are used to review and manage special educational provision and support.

  • support for your child's speech language and communication
  • support for your child's learning
  • support for your child's social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • support for your child's sensory and / or physical needs

There is a lot of information available on appropriate interventions for pupils with different types of need, and associated training.

Please download the Graduated response guidance document (PDF 1.2MB) .

Individual children or young people often have needs that cut across all these areas, and their needs may change over time. Regarding speech, language and communication, children and young people with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may have needs across all areas, including particular sensory requirements.

A detailed assessment of need should ensure that the full range of an individual’s needs are identified, not simply the primary need.

The support provided to an individual should always be based on a full understanding of their particular strengths and needs, and seek to address them all using well-evidenced interventions targeted at their areas of difficulty and, where necessary, specialist equipment or software.

We commission outreach support to help schools meet the additional needs of pupils in each of the 4 broad areas of need.

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