Central Bedfordshire Education Panel

Central Bedfordshire Education Panel

Please read the following information carefully before applying:

The following application is to support schools and settings with pupils who have additional needs and may be at risk of permanent exclusion. Schools and setting must clearly evidence where they have accessed support from other agencies and the interventions that school/setting has already put in place in line with the SEND Code of Practice. Additionally, schools are required to include a Supporting Statement from the lead outside agency involved with the child/young person. This could be Educational Physchology, Jigsaw, Oakbank or Access and Inclusion. This funding is short term and the application must clearly evidence an exit strategy for when the funding ceases.

Schools and settings may also apply for short term funding for pupils who have accessed a school place as part of the In Year Fair Access Protocol. Schools and settings must evidence the plans they are putting in place to successfully integrate these pupils into their school.

The document can be saved and password protected so that you can return to the document. There are several mandatory fields that if not completed you will be unable to submit the form. You will receive an acknowledgement that your application has been received within two working days. See the link below for submission dates, the dates of when the panel will meet and when you will be informed of their decision. The application will either be approved, declined or a request for further information. In the latter case it will take a further 10 days for a response after the additional information has been submitted

Application for funding to Central Bedfordshire Education Panel (link opens in new window)

Application for Continued Funding (link opens in new window)

Central Bedfordshire Education Panel Dates for 2016-17 (PDF 324.6KB)

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