Support after adoption

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There may be times throughout your child’s life when you may find it helpful to talk to someone outside of the family about issues related to adoption. You may for example want some ideas about how to discuss adoption with your child, or how to react to and cope with your child’s feelings about his or her adoption or you may be concerned about contact arrangements.

We provide post adoption support to all the children we place for the first 3 years after the Adoption Order. If a child is living in Central Bedfordshire and it has been 3 years since their Adoption Order has been granted we will also offer support.

Our support service can offer:

  • the chance to meet up with other adopters and adoptive families
  • workshops to help talk about adoption matters
  • discussion and support on any aspect of adoption
  • advice and help in accessing specialist services for you and your child
  • assessment of your adoption support needs at any time until your child reaches the age of 18 years

By law all adopted children are entitled to an assessment for their support needs and we will provide this on request. Whilst we will always seek to support any assessed needs an adopted child may have, we cannot guarantee this as there is no entitlement to services identified.

A health need, for example, would require support from health services rather than the local authority. The Adoption Team will be happy to talk to you to discuss your individual support needs.

Further information about our adoption support services can be found in our Adoption Support Booklet (PDF 2MB) .

I am an adopted person

If you have been adopted and are aged 18 years or over, our Adoption Team can provide you with support and counselling.

Our social workers are there to help you and to give you an opportunity to discuss what adoption has meant for you. This may be the first opportunity you have had to discuss your adoption with anybody who is not closely involved, such as siblings and adoptive parents.

Further information about our adoption support services can be found in our Children's Guide to Adoption Support (PDF 794.8KB) .

Finding your birth family

If you want to trace your birth family, we will help you and give you the opportunity to discuss your expectations and fears. Research has shown that for adopted people finding out about their origins can have a profound effect with negative and positive outcomes.

Many adopted people simply want information from their records, others wish to go further and actively search for their birth families.


For further information and to talk to the Adoption Team or the Adoption Support Services Advisor (Nickie Phillips), give us a call on 0300 300 8090 or email us at


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